Title: Creating a Culture of Digital Wellbeing | Client: Mark Ostach | Role: Editor/Graphics

Mark Ostach does an amazing job of getting us to realize how much we all rely on our digital devices and does an even better job at teaching us why we need to break away at times. Creating a Culture of Digital Wellbeing is helping people reconnect with one another while not making ourselves feel guilty for needing to use our devices daily for work.  He has a great message and I am excited to see Mark share it with companies all around the country. 

Hi I’m Anthony

My name is Anthony Marzilli and I am a Video and Motion Graphics editor with over 10 years of experience. I have worked on many projects big and small for companies of 1, all the way up to giant corporations.  I am capable of filming, editing, and adding motion graphics to any project, but I also have a team of other talented people that I employ when needed, so there is no job that I can’t handle!

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