Title: Costa Rica & Dream Volunteers | Client: Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp | Role: Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

Fit Body Boot Camp brought a group of people who wanted to be part of a positive change to Costa Rica. Dream Volunteers set up an amazing trip with Green Communities. They made a lasting impact on many people. Here is a glimpse into the trip and how it impacted everyone.

This was done over 4 days in the mountains of Los Santos, Costa Rica in a town called Providencia. We stayed in amazing tents on the edge of a mountain looking out into a green landscape. No joke, the view brought tears to my eyes.

There was very no electricity where we were sleeping but did have access to power in the town restaurant. We meet there every day for food and discussion.  That is how I was able to charge batteries. Because of the location and our access, I was only able to bring 1 camera (canon c100), a tripod and a microphone. We were constantly on the go so it was very difficult to even bring the tripod anywhere. We had very limited shade which made lighting difficult at times, but we would get a nice amount of clouds for a couple hours every day. It was a pretty difficult setup but I am very happy with how everything turned out.

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