Title: Jeff Havens Keynote Speaker Demo 2019 | Client: The Jeff Havens Company | Role: Edit, Graphics

Once again, I get to say that I get to do amazing things with The Jeff Havens Company. Jeff is hilarious, smart, talented, caring, insightful, and really just a great human being. With this updated demo we did a quick showcase of some of his popular keynotes to give a glimpse at some of the takeaways participants can leave with when they see him speak. We were also lucky enough to have been able to go shoot one of the keynotes down in Fort Worth. That is where Johnny Waller and I were able to get most of the testimonials and one of his new presentations. Great messages. Great people. I just get to piece it all together.

Another bonus to this project was getting to use some of the awesome photos from Mike Ferdinand. It makes me feel lucky to get to work with such talented people. His great photos of Jeff take everything up a level.

Here are two other projects that came from our time with Jeff Havens down in Fort Worth.

Emcee Demo

SALGBA 2019 Conference

Uncrapify Your Future!

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