Title:  Contact Center Excellence – Speaking the Language | Client: The Jeff Havens Company | Role:  Camera, Editor, Graphics

I always look forward to working with the Havens brothers. Speaking The Language corporate training was no exception. They find such a great way to teach real topics that help businesses function in a fun and captivating way. Matt Havens did awesome here. He was a manager in a call center for many years so it was time for him to share his knowledge to help others.

The crew is always great and I am happy with how they turn out. My good ol’ trusty GH5 holds up well. It always captures a nice image. I recently purchased some roller bases for my c-stands and man, it helps on a shoot so much for 1 person crews. I can easily move my light(s), boom, and anything else super easily.

As always, I look forward to the next shoot with the Jeff Havens people and will probably share those as well.

Check out JeffHavens.com/products/online-training for the full training series and others.

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My name is Anthony Marzilli and I am a Video and Motion Graphics editor with over 10 years of experience. I have worked on many projects big and small for companies of 1, all the way up to giant corporations.  I am capable of filming, editing, and adding motion graphics to any project, but I also have a team of other talented people that I employ when needed, so there is no job that I can’t handle!

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